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Incoming Update DLC on Mass Effect 3

Update 12/4/2013

Ive decided to update my Editor  once again and new version of ultimate has been added

Everything is still working perfectly :)


Well it’s been a blast  hacking mass effect 3 and all lots of fun fucking over bioware

But sadly i am getting tired of the game  So Consider the next Updates to be my last most likely

So Thank you all who supported in this little project :)

Yet i will still do Request trainers :)


And as ive heard this is to be  Last update for mass effect 3.

After all its been over a year i think..

Since the Very first Credit trainer to Ultimate Editor

There’s been lot ive decided never to release..

1hit kill, Reload Loop for AI,Instant cooldown for skills

Weapon Modifications like Rate of Fire ;)

Why? Because they will get you banned  high % :)

Even if i don’t like Bioware i don’t like hacking  either :) and these kinda hacks ruin game for others big time, So Ive  always released trainers that are harmless to others.


Feb 27th Patch will be released.

All Trainers version 1.5.5427.124 Trainers will become useless

So New will be released within 24 hours on Patch day.


Q> Will i update 1.5 trainers ?

A> That will depend on Patch  50/50 We will see on patch day.

Q> Will there be update for ME3 Editor ?!

A> I am unsure really, That will depend on demand.

Well it’s been a blast  hacking mass effect 3 and all lots of fun fucking over bioware

But sadly i am getting tired of the game  So Consider the next Updates to be my last.

And as ive heard this is to be  Last update for mass effect 3.

After all its been over a year i think..

Since the Very first Credit trainer to Ultimate Editor

There’s been lot ive decided never to release..

1hit kill, Reload Loop for AI,Instant cooldown for skills

Weapon Modifications like Rate of Fire ;)

Why? Because they will get you banned  high % :)

Even if i don’t like Bioware i don’t like hacking  either :) and these kinda hacks ruin game for others big time, So Ive  always released trainers that are harmless to others.


Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Editor / Items / Bonus / Characters / Weapons / Money

So i have been upgrading my Editor to be ultimate there is..

Promotional trainer can be found on GameCopyWorld :)

Mass Effect 3 1.5 Editor Full version 

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Ultimate Editor 1.5.5427.124 + Origin
Promotinal Version Functions*
Incedary Ammo Level 4  - Custom Amount
Explposive Ammo Level 3 – Custom Amount
Distruptor Ammo Level 4 – Custom Amount
Phasic Ammo Level 3 – Custom Amount
ArmorPierce Ammo level 4 – Custom Amount
All Functions are Active Only in Full version

Mass Effect 3 / Update 1.5.5427.124 / Trainers

[ytube id="q0NLvH4itx4"]Mass Effect 3 was updated to 1.5.5427.124  Rendering all Trainers useless pity..

A Discount  Coupon for All MassEffect 1.5 Trainers  -10% ME3X10X13

Well Bioware bad luck :)   Currently 4 Trainers are released*

version 1.5.5427.124 Trainers

updated* 17/2/2013

New Money Trainer

New Tuning Trainer

New Shield Trainer

New Multi Trainer

Multiplayer Weapon Unlock & Upgrade Trainer Released!

Multiplayer Item Trainer Released!

Ultimate Editor – Within 2 days :)

Ultimate Trainer – within 2 days

Today i was doing some Testing and found few funny things that i might include in later versions :)

but as for now I will Release 2 more trainers ;) Stay tuned for more


[ytube id=""]

Mass Effect 3 Upgrade Trainer / Trainer Updates for Mass Effect 3

I will be adding Upgrade Trainer for weapons soon for MassEffect 3 Multiplayer Mode

Freedom to upgrade weapons to lvl10 and make it perm.

I have tho of possibility giving people Level 100 Weapons but due to risk of getting banned I will leave it as Optional function because anything over lv10 is a risk  because its not reversible and it will be saved into E A’s Database forever :P

so thats why Level 10 will be perfect and safe ^^ to save time getting upgrades from boxes Bit later New no Clip option will follow with additional features ;) there will be separate Trainer  & Combined version Mega Trainer containing Everything you have so far seen in my shop.

- Experimental MP Tuning Trainer is released

Trainer Link

Other ME3 Trainers

Mass Effect 3 Ultimate Multiplayer Trainer Update

Well Since i have updated Credit Trainer I have decided to update Ultimate Version as well :)

Modifications to old functions

New No-reload Function replaced old Ammo system

Button Replaced Custom Credit Hotkey :)


Ultimate Trainer  can be found here 



Credit Trainer can be found here

Both Trainers are for Version 1.4.5427.111 ( Current Mass Effect 3 Version )

Trainers Support Origin*

In Close Future i will Create a Mega Trainer that will include SP & MP Hacks with Additional functions for both :)

Most likely for next mass effect 3 update or sooner.


Mass Effect 3 1.4.5427.111 Trainers

Mass Effect 3 1.4.5427.111 Trainers are now Available

For Online Game play :)

Support EU – USA Origin Versions ;)

Have the latest shits, Unlimited Items or just wish to play solo once in a while



[ytube id="MJLIqY18FwM"]


Multiplayer Shield

*Infinite Shield Energy / Instant Reload ( like before) 

Multiplayer Money

Currency is Saved!  Always get the latest items :)


* Instant 900,000 Credits

*Instant 100,000 Credits 

Multiplayer Shield+Money

*Functions of the Both :)  


Ultimate MP Trainer

*Infinite Credits ( set any amount u want )

*Infinite Shields

*Infinite Ammo

*Infinite Grenades

Video Preview





Q and A 

Q:Can i use your trainers online?

A: Yes you can

Q:Do your trainers work on Origin Versions?

A: Yes they do support Origin Version.

Q:Will there be updates?

A: Yes i do update my trainers

Q: Do you take Special Trainer Requests  for Mass Effect 3?

A: Yes i do take Requests for Mass Effect 3 Trainers contact me @

If you are unable to find answer to your question here then please contact me 

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Hacking

Please Refer to Newer Post on Home Page on Recent ME3 update to version 1.4.5427.111 hacking :) Trainers have been released

Visit Our Shop 


Update 2.5

First Mass Effect 3 MP Trainer Released

Shield Trainer – Equals to Immortality for Credit / Exp Farming Solo or just use to increase shields to balance out things :)

Tests were made in own server since i don’t directly support MP Hacking that ruins other players fun but.. it might work in other servers as well..

Infnite Ammo & Infinite Grenades coming soon. makes farming Gold challenge under 30min solo.

Trainer Link 

Video Preview


Well Recently Request for Mp hacks have increased so i tho i would spent a moment and see

Test has been done in Private on own server testing 2 things at time only and will update on any news.

But Still archiving Money and XP ;)

Unlimited Ammo – Going to test tomorrow

God Mode – Working – Beta Testing tomorrow. // easy way farming money :P  when you can solo gold level xD

Upon Successful test trainer will be released ;)

And tutorial will follow after small period of time maybe..

Will release small videos tomorrow and more to come :D


[ME3] Ultimate 1.2 Update to 1.2.9

Notice : All Information About Hacking & Modding is free on my blog I only Charge for my time So don’t complain to me about my prices If there is something wrong with the price then do it your self. All information can be found on my blog.

*You are allowed to use my tutorials on your  Site / Blog as long Credits are shown and linked to page where you took it from* 

10/4/2012/Current Version 1.2.9

Whats New in 1.2.9 ?

Insanity Difficulty AI Adjustments Brutes & banshee / Atlas / Troopers / and few others Now offer more challenge on insanity.
Small Hotkey Adjustment
Slow Mode & Talent point added
Small tweaks for few bugs*
Additional Functions added*


Video preview of Particle Beam in New 1.2 Version

Something that’s under work.

  • Collector Particle Beam – Already in 1.2.5*
  • AI Tweaks For Insanity Difficulty – Some changed done in latest version.
  •  Weapon Tweaks –  ( 90% ) – Implanted into 1.2.9
  • Experience points / Rewards from missions adjustment – who gives  a shit right ?
  • Slow Motion  - Beta Testing for bugs  - Added into 1.2.9
  • Character speed – Beta Testing for bugs – fucked up side effect aborted
  • Atlas – (  TBA ) – Aborted  too little time.

Ultimate Mod Shop Link

Alternatively you can  Drop a Line  in Forum with any questions About Modding & Hacking | Trainer Request | you may have

// Or post into Comment box |

Forum Link 

Mass Effect 3 Armor/Casual Mod

Casual & Armor Sets Mod

Allows you to use Casual Armors in missions etc

Knight Armor


Jogging Suit N7


More to be Added in small update*

In the Image I present Few Armor Variant to use in Missions . Armor Bonus Effects Are included into this wear.

You can Find This in Ultimate 1.1 Mod and Separate Armor Mod  – ME3 Category In shop

Preview Link Youtube

Mass Effect 3 Visual & Basic Modding

From Small Research i did on ME3 Visual Modding couldn’t really find much useful things yet weirdly.. but seems to follow same pattern as Mass Effect 2

Holding the 2D Textures Inside the “Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole”

Inside the PCC file format  that you can extract with Unreal Universal extractor tool

Gonna take a look at them today in close up for more details to see if it allows modification with out causing insanity.


For meanwhile also Going to Rewrite tutorials to more clean version and more detailed Explaining functions in better form so it would be easy for all to understand from Basic Weapon Modding to Console functions Into New post including Visual Images.


Mass Effect 3 Basic Modding Tutorial

Mass Effect 3 Console / DLC weapons Tutorial 

Mass Effect 3 Unlock Armors  Tutorial


Last page in the Book

Update 6.4.2012

Read the 1.2 Incoming Updates 


Update  2. 4 .2012 

Small Video Demonstration  ( Will add better ones later )

Ultimate Mod 1.1 Released >New Version 1.2.5*

New Update for Ultimate Mod 1.1

 - New in 1.1

DLC Knight Armor Added
Jogging Suit N7
Leather Dress
And more
Minigun Fixed*
Perma Skill Bonus Items Boosted

More weapons – DLC+Collector+some normal

Screen Shots Below*


Ultimate Mod 1.0 Released ( replaced by 1.1 or Above )

Working on update 1.1 small preview of fixes / improvements

Improved Fov*

Adjusted DLC weapons*

Weapon mod adjustments*

General game play tweaks*


During this week i will release Ultimate Mod for mass Effect 3

All Classes Adjusted

All Weapons Adjusted Normal + DLC

Heavy Weapons – Adjusted and Usable by Desire

Console Commands – Such as God Modes Money Talent points bla bla bla

Global Map Changes  - Scanner Range Scanner Speed Reaper Ship Speed etc

AI adjustments for Insanity mod  - How much AI does damage / How often shoots from cover/etc

Field of View changes  -  From 3rd Person View to FPS

Weapon Mod item Adjustments / Increase the gain from mods

Released* Link Above and Below

It will be Available  Here  < Mass Effect 3 Category Link

MetaCafe/Twitcher/Youtube Previews  will be Added on my channel

Superior Engineer & Super Soldier Mod [ME3]

Mass Effect 3 Engineer Mod

Similar Version as in Multi Class Mod

Skills are set to 0 cooldown

Increased Statistics

Improved Skills

F1 – God Mode Toggle

F2 – Gives Few weapons + Nuke Launcher

F3 – Fills up Ammo/Medigel/Credits/Paragon/Renegade

This Version does not have unlimited ammo that is why F3 Command can fill your spare ammo back to full.

[ytube id="Hsy6DVK-oBU"]

Meanwhile take a look at other previews 


 Super Soldier Mod

Super Soldier Mod for Mass Effect 3

Skill Adjusted Similar from All Class Mod Soldier

Effected Qualitys Skill Cooldowns and Skill Stats Adjusted

F1 – Gives Indra DLC sniper Adjusted / Geth assault rifle Adjusted/ Predator Gun – High boost

F1 – Gives 9k exp and plenty of cash

Previews from Multi Class Mod

Super Soldier Preview


Multi Class Mod [ME3]

Multi Class Mod for All Mass Effect 3 Classes

Cooldowns adjusted

Infinite Ammo

Adjusted Weapons

DLC weapons

Cain Launcher

God mode and lot more


Mass Effect 3 Console Commands

You Can Input these commands into bioginput.json

*Example* F12 – hotkey giveitem self = Console Command, collector & Javelin = weapon name
“( Name=\”F12\”, Command=\”giveitem self collector | giveitem self javelin\” )”,

Givetalent xxx – gives skill point xxx
giveitem self item – gives item u asked for replace item with item name u want
GiveXP xxxx – gives xxxx amount of exp
InitCredits xxxx – gives set amount of cash
AdjustCredits – money
Teleport – teleport to pointed area
SetRenegade xxx – increase renegade status
SetParagon xxx – increase paragon status
Ghost – wall hack on
Walk – wall hack off
Fly – something to do with falling
God – Toggle on / Off (god mode)


Small Examples from Tutorial In Overall Mass Effect  3 Modding

Video Download Link 

Stream Link 1 Mod Examples

Stream Link 2 – Full Modding Video Better Quality

Mass Effect 3 Mods


Download Link for Full Modding Video 

File Factory

Mod List For Mass Effect 3

Free Mods by Magical Silence

 Mass Effect Console Mod  – God mode/Money/Skill point/Teleport/DLC/etc  (commands are stored in bioinput.json :) edit it as u want.

F12\ GiveTalentPoints 2
F11\ GiveXp 5000\
F10\ InitCredits 10000
F1\ Command=\”Teleport
F2\ SetRenegade340
F3\ SetParagon 340
F4\ giveitem self cain giveitem self geth giveitem self eagle giveitem self indra giveitem self javelin giveitem self collector
F6\ God
Home\initammo 9999 initmedigel 99


Mods By Magical Silence – $

General Mass Effect 3 Mod

Adept Mod Mass Effect 3 

DLC Weapons Mod Mass Effect 3 

Heavy Weapons Mod Mass Effect 3 

Super Infiltrator Mod Mass Effect 3 

Combined Class Mod

Ultimate Mod Mass Effect 3 – Contains All features above in one 


Sethioz Mods – $

 Infinite Ammo Mod Mass Effect 3

Super Infiltrator + Infinite Ammo


Links Will Take you Directly to

More Will Be Added in time.

Mass Effect 3 Misc Mod [ME3]

General Mod For Mass Effect 3 


Mass Effect 3 Mod Light version from my infiltrator mod for people who dont want power powered things

Works on All Classes |NewGame & |Saved Game|

Shold Work on All versions ( If it does not work on your version contact me) info below.

F12- +50 Power Points – Everywhere
F11 +5.000 XP – Everywhere
Home – Javelin Sniper,Geth Pulse rifle,Collector assault rifle and some others appear in inventory. – Everywhere
F10 + 900000\ Credits
F1 – Teleports player where he is looking. – In Missions Only
F2 – Increase Renegade status
F3 – Increase Paragon Satus
F4 – Wallhack On
F6 – Wallhack Off


This Mod Overwrites Other Mods! If you own DLC Weapons Mod / Nuke Mod / Adept Mod / Infiltrator Mod Send me @ email at and i will Merge them for you with no charge

Plese Use Email Added you used during Purchase.

If there is something u wish to add / Change Contact me in email above.


Why do we Charge for Hacks / Mods?

Because of time it takes to make and time we put into it.

Yet We Leave Information Free

Time is not unlimited :)

Consider that.

Thank you.


Heavy Weapons Nuker Mod [ME3]

Mass Effect 3 Heavy Weapons Mod

This Mod Allows you to get Heavy Weapons By Demand

F12 – Collector Assault Rifle And javelin Tuned up ofc :)
F11 – Cain Launcher [Nuke]Unlimited Nukes
F10 – Reaper BlackStar Weapon [Nuker] Alot Ammo
Home – Geth Minigun Unlimited Ammo Tuned

Also Contains Small tweaks for normal gameplay


Drop Coalesced.bin into “Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole”

Don’t Forget to Backup Original ME3 “Coalesced.bin” before installing the mod!

Ultimate Mod is now most Advanced Mod.

Infiltrator Mod For Mass Effect 3

Infiltrator Mod For Mass Effect 3
Infiltrator Skills all adjusted to small cooldown and more effective
Sniper Javelin Tuned up

All Henchman can use all weapons
And alot minor tweaking

Additonal Functions*
F12 – Increases Skillpoints by 50
F11 – Increases Exp by 5000
Home – Gives Javelin and Collector Assault rifle and few others
F10 – 900000 Credits
F1 – Teleports you where u look Only in missions
F2 – Increase Renegade Status
F3 – Increase Paragon Status
F4 – Wallhack on
F5 – Wallhack off

Mass Effect 3 Modding Part 2 DLC Weapons*

Ready DLC + Infinite Ammo modded file into shop

Mass Effect 3 DLC – Contains DLC weapons listed Below

Mass Effect 3 Armors  - ( All allowed Armor / Casual wear ) to use in missions etc

Mass Effect 3 Ultimate 1.1 ( All my mods merged )

My Mass Effect 3 Files ( Including Tutorial Video)


How Add DLC weapons

Open ” bioinput.json ”  Using Notepad++

Search For “( Name=\”Tab\”, Command=\”PC_PushToTalk\” )”

Change it to:

“( Name=\”Tab\”, Command=\”PC_PushToTalk\” )”,      [ in other words add  " , " after the   " )"  ]

And add below it this line >>>

“( Name=\”Home\”, Command=\”giveitem self reckoning | giveitem self valkyrie | giveitem self eagle | giveitem self crusader | giveitem self valiant | giveitem self raider | giveitem self argus | giveitem self indra | giveitem self hurricane\” )”

By pressing “Home” you will get DLC weapons listed above ;)


Console Commands are Listed In Original Modding Tutorial Link Below.

Read My Topic About ME3 Modding if u don’t understand


If you don’t feel like messing with Modding files and Just want to have fun

Visit our Shop

Trainers & Mods

[ytube id="xi6HT2ohKeQ"]

Information We provide is always free

But our web hosting is not free and time is not unlimited

So we charge for Trainers and Mods 

Mass Effect 3 Modding (tutorial)

Mass Effect 3 | Hacking |Modding |Tutorials | Previews |Trainers|

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Trainers for Latest version 1.4.5427.111



For Support

Basic Game Hacking

Mass Effect 3 Txt Version Tutorial

Required Tools For Modding Mass Effect 3

Example Modding Video Meta Cafe Streaming

Converter Tool by Rick   - Mass Effect 3 Coalesced.bin tool

Notepad++  - Text file Editor for better view and easy to use.

Possible Things in Mass Effect 3 

  • Weapon Stat Mod (Infinite Ammo/Damage/Recoil/Zoom/Penetration Distance/etc)
  • Weapon Mod Changes ( Improvement on Damage/Accuracy/etc
  • Skill Point Per Level (How much Points Shepard/Henchman gets per level)
  • Power Mods ( Damage/Force/Duration/Skill Cool down/Range/Area of Effect)
  • Henchman Weapon Loadout (Allow Henchman use more weapons)
  • Reaper Ship ( Reaper Ship Based Modifications )
  • Max Fuel Mod
  • Max Grenades
  • Console Commands  | God Mode | Wall Hack | Teleport | Give item | etc |
  • Armor Mods – Passed Beta Test will be added into tutorial 5.4
  • Weapon Upgrade System Modification – TBA
  • Special Heavy Weapons – TBA
  • Spawning Atlas /etc – TBA

First We must Locate Our  ”Coalesced.bin” We can find it in “Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole”

Drag and Drop “Coalesced.bin” on  Mass Effect 3 Coalesced.bin tool provided by Rick ( Link above )

We see Folder Coalesced with Files as  “10_bioweapon.json” etc

Main files we will be working on will be Following

10_bioweapon.json  - Handel’s Weapon Data / Ammo / Damage / Reload Speed / etc (Mostly Weapon Based Information )

05_biogame,json – Skill Stats/ rewards/etc (overall data)

06_bioinput.json  – This File will Control Console Commands

These are main 3 files we will be working on for now.


How to Modify Weapon Statistics

Open “10_bioweapon.json” using Notepad++

Search For Weapon Name you want to Edit In our case it’s “collector

“sfxgamecontent.sfxweapon_assaultrifle_collector”: {  <– This is where Weapon stats Start  ]

Under Weapon name you will see all weapon Statistics Here’s small example of what you will see.

“accfirepenalty”: “(X=19.0f,Y=19.0f)” -
“ai_acccone_max”: “(X=1.8,Y=1.8)”
“ai_acccone_min”: “(X=1.2,Y=1.2)”
“ai_burstfirecount”"(X=7,Y=14)” – How many times Ai fires from cover
“ai_burstfiredelay”:”(X=0.65f,Y=1.85f)” – Delay between fires
“binfiniteammo”:”false” – Weapon Has Infinite Ammo  False – No   True – Yes
“damage”:”(X=44.3,Y=55.4)” – Weapon Damage Min/max
“encumbranceweight”: “(X=2.0f,Y=1.4f)” – Weapons Weight Max – Min

Damage May also Effect AI so I don’t suggest increasing value to insanity.

 (  Recomend to Adjust Weapon Mod Damage Boost Instead )  

[henchman Weapon Load-out] – Allows Henchman to use All weapons 

In this Example we will give EDI a sniper Rifle slot

Open File 05_biogame,json” Using Notepad ++

Use Search on notepad++  ”henchloadoutinfo”: This says what weapons Henchmen are allowed to use.

EDI : Normal 


EDI Changed ” “


You can use any allowed weapons :) I gave Liara Assault Rifles and EDI Blackwindow and works fine no crash or animation issues*

Same way you change to other henchmen  :)


Skill Points Per Level ( Reward )

Open  ”05_biogame.jsonUsing Notepad ++

Search for:  Level=60

Level 60 Is used as Example – Just change from Level 1 – 60 





As u notice Talent Reward is 40 to Shepard and 20 For All henchmen


Skill Cooldown / Power Cooldown

Open 05_biogame.json”  Lets Change Skill “Warp” for Adept

Search for Warp Or “sfxgamecontent.sfxpowercustomaction_warp

Any skill that is marked with MP is only effecting Multiplayer  Mode Not SP Mode

cooldowntime“: [
 "(BaseValue=5.f,Formula=DivideByBonusSum, RankBonuses[1]=0.25f)”

( Base Value is The Original Cooldown Value with no bonus effects ( Rank bonus is Skill Level bonus effect)

Base Value = 5 to 0 and your warp will be instant

Or Increase Rank bonus so skill will prove as it levels

“damage”: [

Original Damage is 250.f but i changed mine to lower too much power ^^

Search for   usesharedpowercooldown and change True to false to remove shared cooldown function.

usesharedpowercooldown“: TRUE- Change it to false Notice that It may not always work

you can change almost anything under the skill name to your own taste when your done save and close*

Example Image.


Reaper Ship On Galaxy Map Speed & Acceleration & Scanner

Open 05_biogame.jsonUsing Notepad++

Search for “sfxgamecontent.sfxgalaxymapreaper

Below you see “acceleration”: [
"5.0"  = Change to 0.0 and reaper ship wont accelerate

"m_fscandetectionrange": [ = reapers scanner range

"maxspeed": "67.5" - Reaper's ships Max Speed

Adjust them as you see fit. higher value than 5.0 on acceleration means they will Accelerate lot faster than normally :)


Modify Core Statistics of Class [Adept Used in Example]

Open “05_biogame.json” in notepad++

Search For adeptpassive

There is 2 passive skills. One Increase Powers and Another Melee+Shields

In this Example We see Power Passive Skill* 

“sfxgamecontent.sfxpowercustomaction_adeptpassive”: {
“evolve_combobonusduration”: ["30.0f" - Combo Duration
"evolve_combocooldownbonus": ["0.4f" - Combo CD bonus
"evolve_damageandforcebonus": ["0.15f" - D and F bonus 1
"evolve_damageandforcebonus2": ["0.1f"  D and F bonus 2
"evolve_damageforcedurationbonus": ["0.25f" Duration for D & F
"evolve_henchmanpowerbonus": ["0.3f" Henchman power bonus
"evolve_paragonrenegadebonus": ["0.58f" Paragon / Renegade Bonus
"evolve_powerdurationbonus": ["0.35f"Powers Duration Bonus
"evolve_weightcapacitybonus": [ "0.9f" Weight Capacity bonus - Weight has Effect P.Recharged Speed
"powerdamage": [ "(BaseValue=0.1f,Formula=BonusIsHardValue,RankBonuses[2]=0.1f)” – power Damage

Example Image :


Max Fuel On Normandy

Open “10_bioweapon.json” Using notepad++

Search for ”maxfuel

Base Fuel amount is 1000

Change to any you want and save*

“Below Max fuel you will also find max allowed grenades and Medigels


Mass Effect 3 Console Commands

By Default Console is Blocked in the game but you are still able to execute console commands in the game

Open “06_bioinput.json” with Notepad++

Search for :”sfxgame.sfxgamemodedefault”
There you will See “( Name=\”Tab\”, Command=\”PC_PushToTalk\” )”, Press Enter after “,” and add Command u want in Same Form
“( Name=\”Tab\”, Command=\”PC_PushToTalk\” )”,
“( Name=\”F1\”, Command=\”God\” )”

The dot in the end of \”)” Must be Used If there is Command After it in our case God was last command so we don’t need it now If there is Issues with extra space/dot compile will give error!

You can also use Command line like

“( Name=\”F1\”, Command=\”God | OnRelease God\” ) – While we hold F1 we have God Mode on, on Release F1 god mode goes off.

Example Image

Givetalent xxx – gives skill point xxx
giveitem self item – gives item u asked for replace item with item name u want
GiveXP xxxx – gives xxxx amount of exp
InitCredits xxxx – gives set amount of cash
AdjustCredits – money
Teleport – teleport to pointed area
SetRenegade xxx – increase renegade status
SetParagon xxx – increase paragon status
Ghost – wall hack on
Walk – wall hack off
Fly – something to do with falling
God – Toggle on / Off (god mode)


Mass Effect 3 Crash Fixes

Mass Effect 3 Crashes in From Ashes Mission

Thanks to Radum: As the cutscene ends, camera pans back to your shepard and you regain control of shepard, press ESC to enter menu/exit game menu repeatedly 2-3 time.


Mass Effect 3 Crash Fix – How to Skip Intro Movies of Mass Effect 3

Intro movies can sometimes cause the most annoying crashes – those that occur even before you get to load up the game. Here’s how you could quickly take care of that problem:

  1. Go to Mass Effect 3 installation directory and browse to Mass Effect 3BioGameMovies.
  2. Delete or rename the following files (filename might be slightly different):
  3. Mass Effect 3_720p_v2_raw.bik
  4. BWLogo.bik


Helped me to skip crash issues in the game




Mass Effect 3 Hacking

So Mass Effect 3 came out a while ago, in a way quite a disappointment no more resource mining etc.. blah lame >.>


So il start Posting some stuff for it..

Fuel hack – Float

Enemy Health – Float

Simple Credit Hack – Search amount of your credit in 4 byte

Shield  Has 2 addresses Current shield and Max Shield – Float as |Address ending with 60 = Max | address ending with  F4 = Current usually. 60 and F4 dont seem to change

Ammo – 2 byte

Armor / Weapon Stats – 2 byte if i recall (did it yesterday)

Health – Float

Skill point – 2 byte

Experience points – 4 byte

Teleport  -  1 byte ?


Increase Skill Points When Used (needs bit fixing resets points after cutscenes)

alloc(newmem,100) //2kb should be enough

add [ebx],(int)64
sub [ebx],eax
mov ebx,[ebx]
mov ecx,[ebp+0C]

jmp returnhere

jmp newmem
sub [ebx],eax
mov ebx,[ebx]
mov ecx,[ebp+0C]


Increase Ammo When Fired ( needs small fix)

alloc(newmem,100) //2kb should be enough

sub eax,(int)64

add [ebx],eax
mov ebx,[ebx]
mov ecx,[ebp+0C]

jmp returnhere

jmp newmem
add [ebx],eax
mov ebx,[ebx]
mov ecx,[ebp+0C]


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